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Each year, MUSA sets aside $4,000.00 towards a guest masterclass and lecture fund. The available funding is divided equally over four periods during the year:


May 1 – October 31

November 1 – December 31

January 1 – February 29

March 1 – April 30


Each period has $1,000.00 of available funds, which will be granted according to the following criteria:


- Size of grant, and feasibility of funding within the grant period.

- Commitment of departmental funding.

- Previous/Simultaneous area funding requests.

- Breadth and depth of impact on students.


All requests for funding must receive the approval and signature of the appropriate Area Chair in addition to the Department Chair.


Proposals must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the proposed date of the event, and will be evaluated in the order that they are received.

Any requests for funding must be approved by the performance department before MUSA can allocate funds.

If you have any questions, feel free to send our VP Academic, an email at!

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